Area Residents speak out about Coakley Super Dump!

Please add your voice about an uncontrolled Superfund site that has been spewing chemicals into 5 towns and threatening our drinking water for decades. Two private wells were recently shut down and NHDES fingered Coakley Landfill Group (CLG) with responsibility. CLG had to immediately provide bottled water and install water treatment systems because a known carcinogen, 1,4-dioxane, exceeded regulatory limits.

PFAS levels in private wells in Rye, Greenland and North Hampton are higher than what other states would say is safe to drink.

Tell your House Representative to support HB494 which compels the state to take action when EPA won’t to protect our most vital resource - our drinking water. No one should have to worry when they turn on the tap.

Area residents speak out:

"As a physician, this seems rather easy. There are known carcinogens in Coakley. The carcinogens are leaching out into ground water. The amount exceeds what scientists consider “safe”. If has been found in drinking water.

So the only issue is cost. It is medically, scientifically, and ethically correct to abate this situation.

Sue the Feds, for god sakes. The City Attorney and Mayor and morally challenged City Manager- do your jobs and protect the citizens. Period."


"[in Greenland] there are PFAS in wells on the street, and three cancers. One of the cancer families also lost two pets. This is a very serious matter, and I ask you to please vote to have the Coakley dump cleaned up. The entire Seacoast needs to be protected. Who will want to live or move here where the water is contaminated?"


"A long time resident died of brain cancer. She lived on Banfield Rd. Google Earth showed the tree's slowly dying all around her property. Started about the time they built Water Country. She washed with and drank the well water. After her death City Attorney Sullivan tried to steal the house ! Dirty ! People need to speak up. City Attorney has to go and take a few with him ! We as tax payers should be very concerned about the dirty dealings that have been going on. Some things never change. And to see the salaries of some them. Wow !$ Clean that mess up!"


"I am a cancer survivor but my illness might have been brought on by the toxins in the well water. I urge my representatives to take the cleaning of the Coakley Landfill seriously to keep my family and those of my neighbors safe.”


I live in Hampton, NH and love this community. I also recently gave birth to a baby girl. Knowing about the high rates of cancer for women and children in this area keeps me up at night. Am I harming my daughter by letting her drink our water? Am I harming myself? It should not be this way. Please support this bill. NHDES must take action to compel EPA and Coakley Landfill Group to protect our drinking water in Portsmouth, New Castle, Rye, Greenland, North Hampton and Hampton. We want to prevent exposure to environmental toxins and prevent cancer. We want the NHDES to protect our water. Thank you!

Mindi Messmer