Tell NH Senators to stop Coakley Superfund Dump Leaking Toxins!

HB494 compels NHDES to take action, that they are able to take, to compel action to protect our drinking water in Portsmouth, New Castle, Rye, Greenland, North Hampton and Hampton. (bill docket here:

Two private water sources have already been affected by high levels of 1,4-dioxane and Coakley Landfill Group had to install filters.  NHDES said it's Coakley Landfill Group's problem. Other toxins, perfluorinated chemicals "PFAS"  have also been found on neighboring properties as reported by USEPA. This has gone on for decades. What will be the next toxin that we don't know about now that was dumped in the pit?

We want action!

Please email Senators and tell them we want NHDES to protect the Seacoast drinking water. 

Mindi Messmer