Geographic Variation in Pediatric Cancer Incidence — United States, 2003–2014

By state, pediatric cancer incidence rates ranged from 145.2–205.5 per 1 million. Rates were highest in New Hampshire (205.5), DC (194.0), and New Jersey (192.3) and lowest in South Carolina (149.3) and Mississippi (145.2) (Table 2). Incidence among whites ranged from 157.0 in Montana to 255.2 in Hawaii; among blacks, from 105.8 in Rhode Island to 161.3 in Nebraska; and among Hispanics, from 75.0 in Hawaii to 191.8 in Florida.†† Although incidence rates were highest among children aged 0–4 years overall, in some states (e.g., New Jersey, New York, and Illinois), the highest rates were among persons aged 15–19 years (Supplementary Table 1,

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Mindi Messmer