Robert Sprague

“Just spend one minute with Mindi and you will understand. Or listen to her at a meeting, making a presentation. Sure, Mindi is a scientist and she knows her stuff...but her message - what she cares about - are the things we care about. She cares about giving kids a healthy environment and a great education and the decent healthcare they deserve; she cares about protecting senior citizens. Her message is delivered with profound empathy. Yeah, she's smarter than most, she knows the issues better than most...but, unlike most politicians, she never condescends. And, boy, when she discovers that our kids are in harm's out! She will raise hell on earth...and goodness knows, we could use a few more hell-raisers in Congress...I believe Mindi and I believe in her. She's my choice. Take a hard look at her. I think you will be pleasantly surprised. An amazing person who will protect what we care about. She's the one.”

Mindi Messmer