Bernie Sanders Delegate Chris Liquori Endorses Mindi Messmer for Congress


The time has come for bold progressive leadership. I am endorsing the only candidate in this race with a proven record of major legislative accomplishment and decades of fierce advocacy for science and protecting the environment and public health. It is time for State Representative Mindi Messmer to take her scientific background to Congress and take on a reckless Administration that is hell-bent on destroying decades of common-sense health, safety, and environmental regulations.

Mindi Messmer is not afraid to make waves. She is not afraid to take on the fights she has been told she cannot win. I’ve seen her outwork the opposition time and time again and get real results. When she discovered the Coakley Cancer Cluster, she forced action from Governor Hassan and got major statewide commissions off the ground investigating ongoing groundwater contamination. She was the one member of the entire legislature who forced a reconsideration vote on HB-587, which will finally ban the atrocious conversion therapy in NH.

Mindi has demonstrated the rare ability to compel her colleagues on the other side of the aisle to not only work with her, but to get important legislation passed and signed into law, all while being in the minority party in the House, Senate, and despite not occupying the Corner Office. She has broad appeal that is required to win in this super-competitive district, but she will not for one second compromise on core progressive values. She is leading a campaign based on the issues:

Medicare for All, Single Payer Healthcare, Tuition Free Public College, Ending the War on Drugs, Campaign Finance Reform; these are all a part of her bold platform that puts the needs of the 99% first.

As a member of the Bernie Sanders Steering Committee, she was on the right side of history in 2016 and has proven that she has the vision and character to represent New Hampshire in Congress. This is why I am proud to endorseMindi Messmer for the First District.

Kimberly Sychterz