Brand New Congress Endorses Mindi

Please join me in welcoming another scientist to our Brand New Congress family. Mindi and I have a lot in common. We are both environmental scientists, activists and mothers. And we are running for environmental justice for our children. 

We both believe we need representatives in the House and Senate who push the scientific agenda. Scientists are lonely in Congress. For far too long, Congress has fought or sidelined important legislature ensuring all Americans have basic environmental rights, like clean drinking water and clean air.

As a state representative, Mindi’s legislative experience has well prepared her to shape policy to improve the lives of the citizens of New Hampshire. As a third generation union member, she is no stranger to whistleblowing.  Both her parents were union members who were out on the picket lines fighting for workers rights. 

With a BS in Geology and a Masters in Earth Sciences, Mindi’s long career in Environmental consultancy led her to investigate hazardous waste and contaminated sites in New Hampshire. 

Her advocacy work came to a head when she discovered a cancer cluster in 5 towns along the New Hampshire coast. When children in her community were getting cancer, and polluters were allowed to continue dumping toxins, she knew she had to blow the whistle.

Mindi is the ideal Brand New Congress candidate because she is grounded by integrity and is unafraid of speaking out against corruption and injustice. Like all of us, she believes in putting people above party and politics

Like all my fellow Brand New Congress candidates, Mindi believes that Healthcare is a human right and we must advocate for a Medicare for All system. We must put an end mass incarceration, fight for $15 minimum wage and strive for economic, gender, racial, social, criminal, and environmental justice.

From California to New Hampshire, 2018 is our year to bring power to the polls. Please join me in welcoming Mindi to the slate. 

In Solidarity,

Roza Calderon, Candidate for Congress (CA-04)

Kimberly Sychterz