Sarah Mae Brown, Founder the Resistance Seacoast

For my part I have been deeply involved in the candidates from the get go…for some of the races – I have worked closely alongside a number of candidates who have been right with the Resistance since its inception.  I have seen first hand the policies and values of the following candidates and they have proven to be at the forefront of nearly every Resistance effort and position since we began working.  I am aligning myself strongly with the following candidates and HAVE DONE MY RESEARCH FOR THE LAST 6 MONTHS on a much deeper level than just checking their websites and reading their statements.  I’ve also immersed myself in their voting records and their personal integrity. The following candidates who I am personally endorsing have more than proven their progressive credentials and have gone above and beyond in being active members of the resistance.

Mindi Messer for first Congressional District and sitting State Representative, scientist, environmental champion
David Meuse – fellow Resistance Core member since day one – running for NH State Rep Ports District

I hope you’ll trust me in my analysis and my faith in the above candidates.  Their competitors (where they exist) have had every opportunity to engage with the Resistance and lead in a meaningful way…and they have not done so.  All of the above candidates that I endorse have been actively involved in the Resistance and have led on the issues that matter to us most as a group.  

Sarah Brown,
Organizer, The Resistance Seacoast
Owner, Sarah Mae Brown Consulting LLC
Founder, Green Alliance

Kimberly Sychterz