Senator Martha Hennessey Endorses for Mindi

Senator Hennessey has issued the following statement in support of Mindi Messmer's campaign for the 1st District Seat to represent New Hampshire in Congress:


"Of all the candidates in this race, one truly stands out as someone who will fight tirelessly for the people of New Hampshire. Representative Mindi Messmer has been on the front line for years, working to protect New Hampshire families, including defending the quality of our drinking water, our civil rights, and our fundamental principles. I am proud to support Mindi’s campaign for New Hampshire Congressional District 1.

In Concord, Mindi has stood out as an exceptional representative since she was elected in 2016. She’s never been afraid to fight the most important battles, even when it hasn’t been politically expedient to do so. When she first arrived, Mindi knew she had to take immediate action to rectify critical concerns with drinking water in her community. As a freshman rep, legislative leadership suggested she take it slow; she was encouraged not to file bills in her first term, but to listen and learn how the process works. They didn’t know Mindi!  Instead, she went right to work, submitting four bills in her first session, and getting three of them signed into law. Although doing the right thing can sometimes be the hardest thing to do, Mindi isn’t afraid to step up and get it done.

Mindi also has a tenacious commitment to human rights, whether it’s for women, the mentally ill, the LGBTQIA+ community, or others. In Concord, she fought to pass legislation that would ban the harmful practice of gay conversion therapy and worked hard to put the transgender non-discrimination bill on the Governor’s desk. Mindi also played a key role in killing an abortion registry bill that would have invaded women’s privacy by keeping a record of abortion procedures, even convincing Republican representatives to vote with her. Additionally, she worked on a bill that would have prevented The University of New Hampshire from using school funds to oppose the formation of unions on their campus, and she helped with a bill that would have ended the cruel and unjust practice of detaining the mentally ill in the state prison without legal recourse.

Mindi is an authentic person, driven by compassion rather than ambition. She began her career as a concerned citizen, stepping up to fight for voiceless families and sick children in her community when it was revealed that their drinking water was contaminated with hazardous chemicals. Since then, she hasn’t changed; she still fights every day for the people of New Hampshire. I admire how Mindi continues to stand up for the voiceless, and she is never daunted by the toughest battles. She genuinely cares about making a difference in our lives, and Mindi works collaboratively with legislators from both sides of the aisle to get things done. 

Mindi is a dynamic, exciting candidate for Congress, and NH will be lucky to have her representing us in Washington. Please join me in supporting Mindi for Congress, and I urge you to contribute however you can to her campaign."

- Senator Martha Hennessey, District 5It is such an honor to have the support for my Congressional Campaign from such an important female leader, small business owner, educator and mental health care professional that I greatly admire and respect. I got to know Senator Hennessey collaborating on important legislative work in the State House. Team Mindi enthusiastically welcomes Senator Hennessey to our grassroots team to win this CD-1 seat.

Kimberly Sychterz