Professor Emeritus of Environmental Conservation John E. Carroll Endorses Mindi Messmer

As a Professor of Environmental Conservation at the University of New Hampshire for 43 years, I have researched, written, and taught much about water resources and water environmental issues, and  I know that water quality, particularly of our drinking water, is a critical issue to all of us, and is becoming ever more critical today. I am thus proud to endorse Mindi Messmer, a scientist who cares greatly about safe drinking water, as my candidate for the Democratic nomination for Congress in New Hampshire's First Congressional District. Mindi, as one of only two scientists in the House of Representatives, will make a difference. We have already seen this difference as a result of her good work in the New Hampshire Legislature and I know we will likewise  see it in Washington.

John E. Carroll

Professor Emeritus of Environmental Conservation
University of New Hampshire


Kimberly Sychterz