PORTSMOUTH, NEW HAMPSHIRE: Representative and CD-1 Candidate Messmer (District 24) released the following statement today:

I am honored to have this important endorsement from New Hampshire State Representative Donna Ellis, one of my colleagues in the New Hampshire House, supporting my candidacy to replace retiring Carol Shea-Porter. Representative Ellis' endorsement is heartfelt. Due to her own unfortunate personal experience, she understands how important my efforts have been to prevent chronic disease and cancer. State Representative Donna Ellis has issued the following statement:

"I am endorsing Mindi Messmer for Congress because she speaks up for all of us no matter what our party affiliation is. As a state representative serving on the Agriculture and Environment Committee, I witnessed how hard Mindi fights for important policy to protect public health. 

Now that the Environmental Protection Agency has been thrown out the window in Washington we need someone who has the courage to speak up for all Americans.

Cancer in our state has reached epidemic proportions. Who has not known someone who has died of cancer? We pour millions of dollars into research for a cure but no one looks at prevention. The large chemical companies are putting additives into our food and drinks without adequate testing for the harmful effects. They are selling weed killer that is harmful to humans and small children and your beloved pets.

When my daughter was taking chemo and radiation therapy in Dover they had to open another floor just to accommodate all the patients.  The waiting room was standing room only. I knew something wasn't right. Sadly she was not strong enough to recover and passed away.

For the love of your family and please for all of our sakes vote for Mindi on September 11 in the Democratic primary."  -Rep. Donna Ellis, New Hampshire State Representative Donna Ellis is running as an incumbent NH House Representative for Rochester, Ward 6. 

Kimberly Sychterz