I am honored to have this important endorsement from Dr. Nora Traviss, Ph.D., Professor of Environmental Studies at Keene State College, supporting my candidacy for the NH CD-01 seat. Dr. Traviss understands the importance of creating and passing policy based on sound science and evidence to protect public health. I was grateful to have Dr. Traviss work side-by-side with me to push forward important legislation in the NH House and Senate. Dr. Traviss has issued the following statement:

"I've worked in Environmental Health and Safety as an engineering professional for over 12 years for various companies, and now I do research on the health effects of environmental pollutants as a scientist and teacher. As a scientist who is concerned about the health effects from environmental exposures, I know how important it will be to have Rep. Mindi Messmer represent New Hampshire in the CD-01 seat.

While many of us know the stories of famous environmental leaders such as Erin Brockovich and Lois Gibbs, what many may not know is that Mindi Messmer stands shoulder-to-shoulder with them. Her expertise as an environmental scientist and geologist was critical in understanding the hazards posed by the Coakley Landfill to surface and drinking water. She made the connections between health impacts and the hazards at Coakley and pressed for a full CDC study that eventually revealed a pediatric cancer cluster on the Seacoast, bringing critical attention to an otherwise ignored issue. Most people would have stopped there but Representative Messmer walked away from her career to make sure that the pollution issues that have happened at the Seacoast do not happen anywhere else in New Hampshire. 

Senate bill SB309, which was recently signed by Governor Sununu, is just one example of effective legislation she initiated that will protect New Hampshire’s water. This kind of personal integrity and leadership is a rarity and what makes Mindi stand out against all the other candidates. I've witnessed first-hand her dedication, hard work ethic and ability to work across the aisle to craft and get legislation passed that protects New Hampshire citizens against pollution. 

But Representative Messmer is not a one-issue candidate. She is well-versed in all policy issues of importance to working Americans: access to adequate health care, economic growth, good jobs, fair wages and liberty for all. She is also a pragmatic leader and has documented experience working with NH GOP Representatives and Senators on common-sense, compromise solutions. She is very well respected in the lost art of compromise with integrity. To me, this is the most critical quality that sets her apart. New Hampshire Congressional District 1 needs somebody in Congress that can get things done and Rep. Messmer is that person. Not only do we need more scientists in Congress as we watch the news and see the damaging impacts of a changing climate like forest fires and flooding, we need more real Americans like Rep. Mindi Messmer in Congress to represent us. Now more than ever."

Kimberly Sychterz