Rep. Phil Bean (R) on Mindi Messmer

"The Primary for the First Congressional District draws near. It is vital for New Hampshire Citizens that a real contest of ideas by established public servants with a New Hampshire track record square off. 

As a Republican State Representative, it has been my privilege to observe, work alongside, and serve in the same body and same building with Representative Mindi Messmer in the last session. She is a proven leader, impact player, aggressively pursuing the interests of the Town of Hampton, the Seacoast, and New Hampshire citizens, residents and business owners with tact, energy, and discipline.  Mindi is an established business owner, an arduous public servant with a proven track record of accomplishment. 

The Democratic First Congressional District race suffers from a lack of choice that is manifest in an autocracy, outside money, and rigid discipline. I think that Mindi Messmer will provide Democratic voters with a real choice for someone who knows the District, exhibits the very best of true leadership, and is a steward for the people."

Philip Webb Bean
Rockingham 21
New Hampshire House of Representatives

Kimberly Sychterz