Updates January 26, 2019

Activity is under full swing at the State House again. Your day-to-day life is directly impacted by what happens in Concord so it's good to keep apprised of what your state representatives and senators are doing on your behalf and support and communicate with them as much as you can. 

Last Week

HB158, the perennial effort to get between a woman and her doctor was heard last week in the Health and Human Services committee. Please contact your representatives on this committee and tell them no way!  There's no medical necessity and we don't want to start down that slippery path. The sponsors of this bill, led by Rep Notter from Merrimack, have a clear agenda.

There are several bills moving through the Science, Technology, and Energy Committee such as HB454HB365, and HB132(relating to Net Neutrality). This is an important committee to watch and get involved to ensure that NH takes a stance to address global warming.

HB366, adding opioid addiction, misuse, and abuse to qualifying medical conditions under therapeutic use of cannabis was heard last week in the Health, Human Services and Elderly Affairs Committee. States that allow medical cannabis have a 25% reduction in opioid overdose-related deaths. This is an important tool in addressing NH's opioid crisis. 

Next Week

HB661, relative to a private right of action for toxin exposure will be heard in the Judiciary Committee on Wednesday, January 30 at 1 PM. This is an extremely important bill for the people of NH that are facing toxin exposures in their drinking water. Please contact members of the Judiciary Committee and ask them to support this bill and come sign in or testify if you can.

HJR2, recommending and requesting the president of the United States and the United States Congress to exclude the state of New Hampshire from offshore oil and gas drilling and exploration activities will be heard in the State-Federal Relations and Veteran's Affairs  Committee on Wednesday, January 30 at 2 PM. If you care about the devastation this would cause to our beautiful shores, let your voice be heard and how we should be moving away from fossil fuels.

HCR7, urging the president and Congress to adopt a policy renouncing the first use of nuclear weapons will be heard on Wednesday, January 30 at 1 PM in the State-Federal Relations and Veteran Affairs Committee. Let committee members hear your voice on this important issue.

Hold the Date

HB455, relative to the penalty for capital murder, February 19, starting at 10 AM in Representatives Hall in the State House.

Please come and sign in and testify if you are able! We want to pack the hearing with supporters! Email your State Representative and ask them to support this bill and even sign up as a 36D co-sponsor with the Clerk.

Here's the link to the most recent General Court Calendar so you can peruse yourself.

Stay tuned for updates on important legislation moving through the House and Senate. I'm still working with friends and colleagues to address issues like arsenic and perfluorinated chemical in our water and the Coakley Landfill Superfund Dump in North Hampton. I'm also working with new friends in Congress to push these issues at the federal level.

Mindi Messmer