This has been an important week advocating for issues affecting our communities. We had some important meetings yesterday with USEPA in Greenland about Coakley Landfill Superfund Site and the fight to protect our drinking water and prevent cancer and chronic illness in our beautiful seacoast region. We are hopeful that some action will result from those meetings. There was excellent coverage in the Union Leader and the Seacoast Herald. Here's our press statement:

"Coakley Landfill dump originally came to the forefront of the public’s awareness when a double pediatric cancer cluster was identified in a five-town area of the seacoast of New Hampshire. House Representative Mindi Messmer of Rye, New Hampshire has sponsored several key pieces of legislation which address the continuation of a Task Force created to investigate environmental triggers for the cancer cases, lowering the drinking water standards for PFAs that specifically focus on prenatal and early childhood exposure and requiring the responsible parties to stop toxins from Coakley Landfill from polluting local drinking water and surface water. Earlier this year, in response to requests from Messmer and the Commission, NH Fish and Game ruled that fish caught from Berry’s Brook had to be immediately released, not eaten due to concerns about safety. Concerns arose because the brook was stocked with 5,000 fish per year and Berry’s Brook with some of the highest known concentrations of PFAs compounds in the world. 

We are encouraged that USEPA is willing to hear the concerns about an important threat directly from impacted community members and hope this means the problem will be addressed appropriately, once and for all.  The citizens have been asking for help to protect drinking water supplies and the environment, and for agencies to implement a precautionary approach to reduce exposures and prevent cancer and chronic disease in the cancer cluster area.”

Mindi's candidacy for the CD-1 seat was highlighted in a national publication, The Intercept.

Here's an excerpt from the article below:

"Though she was a Democrat running in a heavily Republican district, Messmer won the seat in large part by focusing on water pollution and cancer. In her first year in the state legislature, three of her bills — all related to the environment and health — passed with bipartisan support. Messmer also fought to lower the state’s water standards for PFOA and PFOS, two chemicals in a class known as PFAS, which have been linked to cancer and other diseases. Both PFOA and PFOS have been found at the contaminated sites in her district.

Now Messmer is hoping to bring her focus on the need for clean drinking water to Washington. And while her environmentally inspired campaign to represent New Hampshire’s 1st District may seem anomalous, she’s not the only one who’s hoping to win a seat in Congress by tapping into the wave of bipartisan outrage about health and water pollution. She’s not even the only midterm candidate who’s focusing on PFAS chemicals."

During the meeting in Greenland, community members voiced their concerns, some over tears, about their fears regarding their drinking water, property values, and health. This renewed concern comes from a recent admission that federal government officials have been withholding critical information that indicates the current drinking water standards should be more than 6 times tougher to prevent cancer and chronic disease.

This is just not right. We should not have to worry about whether the water that comes out of our taps is safe to make a formula bottle for our baby or to serve to our children. Safe drinking water is a fundamental right.

These issues are so important to our communities, our state, and now at least 611 other areas of the nation, that they are part of what compelled Mindi to run for Congress. She's taken up this challenge so that she can continue to fight for our children and families.

But unlike other candidates, Mindi isn’t taking money from lobbyists or D.C. PACs. You are her special interest. This is a grassroots campaign, and we accept money only from voters like you. Support the candidate who is taking a stand against the influence of money in politics by contributing $27, $50, or more right now - or whatever you can spare!


Team Mindi

Kimberly Sychterz