Mindi Messmer to join Medicare for All Caucus

PORTSMOUTH, NEW HAMPSHIRE: State Representative and NH CD-1 Candidate Messmer (District 24) released the following statement today:

On the same day that I get to Congress to represent NH CD-1, I will immediately sign up to join the newly formed House Medicare for All Caucus lead by Democratic Reps. Pramila Jayapal (Wash.), Debbie Dingell (Mich.) and Keith Ellison. Medicare for All is a program that works now and we need to allow access to everyone. This is a central commitment of my campaign. There are already 122 House Representatives signed on as co-sponsors of Rep. Ellison's H.R. 676, the Expanded and Improved Medicare for All Act.

To get this done will require electing bold people who are not insiders and are not beholden to healthcare industry lobbyists who try to say we can't afford it. The truth is we can afford it and it will save $1T in the first year alone. The more people who join, the more money will be saved through reduced administrative fees, reduced drug costs, advertising and other costs savings.

But big pharma, health insurance companies, and the three insider opponents in this race are being cagey and saying they want to protect the ACA. They want the middleman insurance companies to continue to cash their checks and stay between you and your doctor. In fact, this is the way to protect Health Care Forever and for All. Ask anyone who is over 65 what they think about Medicare. They love it and it works.

They also don't want you to know that removing the upper-income cap on Social Security to have everyone pay their fair share will make that program solvent forever. Our seniors deserve respect and dignity and we must protect their earned benefits.

Send me to fight for your healthcare, earned benefits and respect and dignity for our seniors.

In Solidarity,


Kimberly Sychterz