PORTSMOUTH, NEW HAMPSHIRE: Representative and CD-1 Candidate Messmer (District 24) released the following statement today:

I am deeply concerned about the comments made by the Department of Education Director Anthony Schinella relating to efforts to bring diversity to New Hampshire. 

The following was reportedly posted on his personal Facebook page:“Northern New England is the way it is because we’re the only people who want to be here. We’re very welcoming (see the Free State Project), but don’t come here if you’re going to change everything. We like it the way it is, which is why we are here and not where you live now.”

According to WMUR, Schinella later responded to replies to his post: 

“We don’t want or need New Hampshire to become any kind of cesspool…Diversity for diversity’s sake doesn’t bring us anything. An extreme example? 1,300 illegal alien Dominican drug dealers moving from Lawrence...”

His comments are highly racially motivated. Clearly, he feels that people of color should not be attracted to move to New Hampshire, but the Free State Project members, who are mostly if not all Caucasians, are entirely welcome.  Despite his fear that minority groups would seek to change New Hampshire, he fully supports the Free State Project, a group who actually did come here to change everything.  As a New Hampshire House Representative, I have witnessed the radical changes the Free State Project are trying to make in our state.  Yet Mr. Schinella supports their efforts to move to New Hampshire even though their mission is to decentralize and disrupt our state government.

His comments do not represent the sentiments of New Hampshire. This past session I introduced an Anti-Hate House Resolution (HCR 13) in the New Hampshire House that had wide bi-partisan support and passed the floor on a landslide vote.  I wrote this Anti-Hate Resolution after an 8-year old bi-racial boy was lynched in Claremont.  New Hampshire is better than this.

Like it or not, his comments on his personal Facebook page reflect poorly on his hire for this important position. The DOE should seriously consider whether Mr. Schinella is fit to communicate on behalf of our New Hampshire Board of Education, an organization responsible for educating our young people.

Read full WMUR story, here.

Kimberly Sychterz