On the Issues


Access to affordable and quality healthcare is a basic human right, and nobody should have to go bankrupt because of an illness or injury. For this reason, I fully support a single-payer healthcare system. Not only will universal healthcare save lives, but it will save money too.



Ripping children from their parents at the border is an outrage. The United States is a nation built on immigrants, not racism. With increasing numbers of refugees due to climate change and conflicts, we must re-implement the Family Case Management program for asylum-seekers, have a clear path to citizenship, and protect the decades-old Flores Settlement.



As an environmental scientist for over thirty years, I know how protecting our environment is integral to public health. Climate change and drinking water contamination are the two top threats to national security according to the Department of Defense. We must combat climate change by getting off of fossil fuels and protect our drinking water.



It is crucial that we invest in the future by providing our children with the education they need to succeed. For this reason, we must assure quality schooling from pre-Kindergarten through high school. Furthermore, we must stop saddling our children with unbearable student loan debt, and make public university tuition-free.

Economic Justice

Currently, 1% of the population controls more wealth than the bottom 90% of the population, and the rest of us are struggling to get by. To solve economic inequality in our country, we need at least a $15 minimum wage, paid family and medical leave, and a tax code that works for the 99% of us – not just the corporations.


Campaign Finance

During my time in the New Hampshire State House of Representatives, I’ve seen countless out-of-state lobbyists flown in to fight against my legislation. The influence of money in politics is poisonous to our democracy, and for that reason, I am not accepting money from any PACs or special interest groups. Join this people-powered campaign to help us get money out of politics.